Development Version 0.13
24.3.2016Upgrade to Java 8; introduce Lambdas
Development Version 0.12
6.12.2015Changed memory settings, synchronized Nodes and Improved Consolidate
9.10.2015Changed the Find dialog to have the cursor on the text field
13.7.2015Refactored code to ensure that we no longer have odd thumbnails appearing after changing the groups
31.5.2015Improved the build system so that also Windows installer builds are automated
30.5.2015Combined all the third party libraries into one single jar for hassle free deployment
27.5.2015Made MainWindow more passive as an EventListener
25.5.2015Introduced the Docking Frames window manager
23.5.2015Moved source code from CVS to Git on Sourceforge
20.8.2014Fixed bug with copy to readonly directory
16.8.2014Refactored PictureViewer
11.8.2014When a group has no pictures it no longer offers to show them
11.8.2014Removed Debug Tab from Settings Menu
11.8.2014Corrected navigation icons in Picture Pane
11.8.2014Fixed a careless close which broke the generate website functionality.
10.8.2014Recalculate Checksum doesn't run on EDT any longer
5.8.2014Cleanup of Reconcile function
13.7.2014Removed the Year Browser Guis
13.7.2014Removed all GridBagLayouts and replaced them with MigLayouts
12.7.2014Corrected UTF-8 encoding of file
8.6.2014Fixed issue of no longer relayouting when resizing ThumbnailJScrollPaneTransitioned to externalised TagCloud
8.6.2014Transitioned to externalised TagCloud
3.6.2014Integrated jxmapviewer2 properly
21.4.2014Fixed bug in Consolidate
21.4.2014Cleaner code for email selection
21.4.2014Fixed bug with thumbnail descriptions showing as highlighted after a move.
21.4.2014Rotation of Samsung Galaxy S4 pictures is detected on image load
20.4.2014Can now pick location on OpenStreetMap
19.4.2014Removed Lowres/Thumbnail code and finished Dialog to remove thumbnails
18.4.2014Improved visibility of selected thumbnails
18.4.2014Added drop to thumbnails panel
18.4.2014Figured out how to do overlay selection in the Thumbnail Pane
13.4.2014Started integration of Open Street Map maps
13.4.2014Finished transition to JCS Cache
13.4.2014Improved Flat file Import
6.4.2014Improved Flat file Export
30.3.2014Started transition to EventBus
Development Version 0.11
22.3.2014Upgraded to javax.mail-1.5.1.jar
22.3.2014Lots of refactoring to get rid of * imports and Netbeans warnings
22.3.2014removed dependency on activation.jar as Java now includes it
9.12.2013Added Latitude and Longitude to Edit Table View
9.12.2013Added A Consolidate Here function on the PicturePopup Menu
15.9.2013Fixed the Extras > Check Integrity Screen.
29.8.2013Improved Exif Parsing and added more unit tests for different cameras.
12.7.2013Add unit tests for the Exif Extraction library, some refactoring and fixed the Netbeans setup so that Test File works again.
6.4.2013Improved installation check at startup.
3.4.2013Shortened File Combobox after user feedback.
Development Version 0.10
2.11.2013 Dusted off the Windows installer, repackaged the Windows installer and pushed it to the download area.
30.12.2012 Fix for looping bug when file modification date is in the future (reported and fixed by Tom)
29.12.2012 Added a reparse button for the date to the Picture Properties window.
10.09.2012 Dusted off the deployment scripts and pushed a new development version to the web
26.08.2012 Added ability to upload a group op Pictures to Picasa
11.10.2011 Changed PictureViewer to be more MVC and made it use MigLayout
9.10.2011 Added icons to picture Panel for zooming
13.9.2011 Added ability to copy into Zip files
14.5.2011 Changed Settings Dialog to MigLayout
8.5.2011 Bug with sequential numbering in website generation
8.5.2011 Open Settings no longer changes the window size
8.5.2011 Fixed EDT violations
27.3.2011 Added parsing of GPS data from image
27.3.2011 When removing a group in the tree the thumbnail panel didn't jump to the last visible group
27.3.2011 Fixed File Copy for multiple files
22.2.2011 Added Thumbnail to Tooltips
21.2.2011 Generated Webpage now also shows a little Google map
12.1.2011 Settings Dialog now hides email Password
2.1.2011 Changed Cursor color in Picture Viewer to make it visible
2.1.2011 Consolidate no longer refuses to work when not consolidation lowres too
28.12.2010 Fixed the bug whereby selections were not moved to a move target
1.10.2010 Geotagging of images
5.6.2010 Improved Reconcile Function
5.6.2010 Added Hover to JTree
4.6.2010 Fixed Export Collection bug
18.5.2010 Added a Find Duplicates function
18.5.2010 Fixed bug with Navigate-to
17.5.2010 Added support for mailing via Hotmail(TM) and Gmail(TM)
17.5.2010 Date parsing when importing picked the first date instead of the date of capture
17.5.2010 Privacy Thumbnail Deletion - Added a Progress Bar
14.4.2010 Added a title to the PicturePopUp menu
13.4.2010 Made consolidate a SwingWorker
27.1.2010 When you doubleclicked a thumbnail to open to picture window the clicked node would stay selected and a delete would try to delete that node instead of the node which is being browsed
10.1.2010 Fixed EDT issues when adding pictures
15.9.2009 Fixed highlighting of selected groups.
8.9.2009 Fixing Swing Event Display Thread problems.
8.9.2009 Fixed issue with internal image type which made gif and png images fail.
26.2.2009 When moving a picture to a different group the PictureViewer will advance to the next picture.
13.2.2009 When adding a directory that contained know images that are not added we can end up with empty directories. No longer.
3.2.2009 The link to the zipfile download was not linking to the correct name.
10.1.2009 Added ability to import a previous collection.
10.1.2009 A bug in Consolidate Group fixed.
10.1.2009 Group thumbnails are now updated after pictures are added to the groups.
9.12.2008 Fixed Issues with original filenames retaining blanks on webpage generation
4.12.2008 Converted the ugli Gui to a wizard for WebPage Generation
1.12.2008 Improved "UP" navigation on generated webpages of large collections
1.12.2008 Cleaner JavaScript
1.12.2008 Option to generate robots.txt
30.11.2008 Redesign of Generate Webpage, cleanup of generated HTML, facility to start at a specified number
28.11.2008 Made scaling thumbnails visually much more appealing
12.4.2008 Fixed a bug with the HTML export. It was writing the Path instead of just the filename
6.3.2008 Implemented Sequential Numbering option in output for Jay.
2.3.2008 Implemented Autoscroll in the JTree.
18.11.2007 Added some error checking for the Camera Download Wizard and mkdirs.
18.11.2007 Camera Download Wizard now select the root node by default if it is the only node in the collection.
18.11.2007 Save Dialog now recognises the autostart collection correctly
15.11.2007 Fixed Tooltips & Keyboard Navigation in Picture Browser
11.11.2007 Improved Camera Editor
11.11.2007 Camera Watch Deamon and Wizard
6.11.2007 Added ability to edit the nodes in the JTree
4.11.2007 Cameras are now saves in the preferences too. Unfortunately all older Camera settings will be lost and the users must set up their cameras again. This is not as bad as it sounds becaus saving the cameras didn't work proerply anyway!
Version 0.8.5
25.8.2007 After saving the user now has the option to make the selection an Autostart
23.8.2007 Tried to fix the stupid bug with the full screen PictureViewer that never accounted for the taskbar
14.7.2007 Add from Camera now can go direct to Edit Camera and Edit Camera close window saves the changes
10.7.2007 Changed speed of ToolTipManager to make the ToolTips snappier
23.6.2007 Drag to Windows Explorer and Web File upload applets now seems to work
2.6.2007 Fixed a bug with the display of Categories that had been pointed out by Jon Allen
2.6.2007 PictureInfoEditor parses the creation date when the cursor moves in or out of the date field
20.5.2007 Added a progress indicator for loading the files
30.1.2007 Fixed a bug in HTML Export where the wrong image width for a thumbnail could be written.
30.1.2007 Navigation from Thumbnail added so that you can jump to the groups that refer to this picture.
21.1.2007 You can now select all Thumbnails with Ctrl-A. Also you can add to your selection with the SHIFT and CTRL modifiers.
20.1.2007 Loads of Code Refactoring
20.1.2007 Started to add JUnit test cases
18.1.2007 Added random multi viewer function to menu
29.12.2006 Fixed stupid bug with Directory Chooser on virgin properties.
19.12.2006 Fixed an annoying bug whereby it was not reading the cameras data file.
13.11.2006 Fixed sizing issues.
12.11.2006 Code refactoring to avoid blocking the Even threat when starting up.
11.11.2006 Fixed bug with Consolidate that did not like blanks in directory names.
11.11.2006 Replaced the ini file with a Preferences implementation. The data in the ini file will be parsed before the ini file is removed.
4.11.2006 Window can now be maximised upon start. This solves the wierd Windows OS window sizing behaviour
14.10.2006 Sort double triggered the structure changed event which lead to thumbnails no longer showing.
7.10.2006 Sort didn't set the unsaved changes flag.
26.8.2006 Remove Node now also recognises a selection of multiple nodes.
26.7.2006 Changed the structure of the ThumbnailCreationQueue access and hopefully fixed the deadlock scenario.
13.7.2006 Fixed an annoying bug in the Picture Pane: the mouse release was not being trapped after a drag which lead to counterintuitive behaviour.
28.6.2006 Changed notification texts for better UI handling in Picture Viewer.
28.6.2006 Added ability to change the description in the Picture Viewer
28.6.2006 Improved internationalization support by removing hard coded texts and removing hard coded font instructions.
22.6.2006 Added support for Simplified and Traditional chinese Menus and dialogs. Thanks to Franklin He for the translations.
21.6.2006 Fixed a nasty bug in the GroupBrowser which caused a memory leak and unnecessary relayouting.
20.6.2006 Improved Synchronisation of Thumbnail creation. Should avoid some thread crashes and artefacts.
11.6.2006 Opening without a preload collection didn't call create new collection
03.4.2006 Fixed Bug where German Windows language would prevent JPO switching to English Gui.
26.3.2006 Fixed Bug where a sort of a group with a subgroup might fail.
26.3.2006 Search by Category added
28.2.2006 Introduction of new PictureCollection class that reduces the complexity of the SortableDefaultMutableTreeNode.
27.2.2006 Thumbnails of the pictures being mailed are shown on the Mailing panel.
26.2.2006 Categories can be selected when adding pictures now.
26.2.2006 Improved Search Data structures and navigation
25.2.2006 HTML export now offers zipfile creation with Highres images
21.2.2006 The picture popup menu now allows you to unselect all selected pictures from mailing.
21.2.2006 If you remove a group while it is being displayed in the Thumbnail pane the thumbnail pane now reacts to this and jumps to the parent.
21.2.2006 Emailing now happens in a thread and is more informative about what is going on
19.2.2006 Categories can be assigned when importing from Camera now
19.2.2006 Delete on a selection of Thumbnails now iterates through the thumbnails
11.2.2006 Fixed a bug that could crash the thumbnail scaler processes
21.9.2005 Improved visualisation of selection and ability to select by rectangle.
19.9.2005 Improved user interface to tag pictures with categories.
11.9.2005 After JPO adds pictures it jumps to the new pictures and shows them.
4.9.2005 Quality of Lowres can be independently adjusted from midres quality in HTML export.
4.9.2005 Folder icon not being rendered properly for HTML page fixed
1.9.2005 Proper escaping of special characters in HTML
10.6.2005 Fixed some messed up positioning in the Picture Viewer
10.6.2005 If you had viewed a picture and then closed the viewer then deleted the image the picture viewer would open up and show the next image. Undesirable. Removed
10.6.2005 Fixed annoying behaviour in Picture Pane where an end of drag would zoom in.
22.5.2005 Fixed a bug with consolidate that did not like blanks in a filename.
24.4.2005 Added ability to show Thumbnails in different sizes.
18.3.2005 Added option to not retain directory structures when adding pictures.
15.2.2005 Added rotate buttons to PictureViewer and updated some icons.
23.1.2005 Descriptions in email are encoded in iso-8859-1
23.1.2005 Filenames are preserved on the email.
9.1.2005 Basic Email functionality added
1.1.2005 Fixed a silly bug that wrote collections that could not be read back in
07.12.2004 Added a keyboard shortcut (1) that jumps to full image resolution
08.11.2004 The introduction of multi selection killed the validation of not dropping onto a node's children. This has been reintroduced.
06.10.2004 Selections in one Group were not cleared when switching to another group which caused odd drag and drop behaviour
06.10.2004 Rotation set the angle instead of rotating by the angle. Fixed.
06.10.2004 Fixed a bug in the Pictureviewer: Image would not rotate if user chose a rotate function
06.10.2004 Added a display of how many thumbnails are on the queue
28.09.2004 Fixed the logic of what happens when you are showing an image and then remove it's node or it's parent node
Version 0.8.4
20.08.2004 Consolidate now also consolidates the group thumbnails
20.08.2004 Bugfix: im thumbnail size was not exactly specified thumbnail size or original image was smaller than thumbnail then thumbnail creation could loop
20.08.2004 Tried to improve code regarding synchronisation which caused GUI freeze
05.08.2004 Mark: Windows build for CT
05.08.2004 After a drop of multiple nodes the nodes remained selected which included them in the next drag and drop which is very confusing to users.
02.08.2004 Bugfix Count of Nodes was giving too high a number
02.08.2004 Bugfix Consolidation counted nodes wrongly when not consolidating sub groups.
02.08.2004 Bugfix switching to Window without Frame would make the picture verz small.
02.08.2004 Dialog Errors on Add from Camera fixed
02.08.2004 Images that do not have the highres online are indicated with a CD icon. This can happen if the highres is on CD.
02.08.2004 Renaming of the Root Node no longer gives an error.
02.08.2004 Group Folder icons now use highres pictures if Thumbnails are not available
30.07.2004 Picture browser would not start up because of a Classloader statement that prevented the icon being loaded
30.07.2004 Fixed a problem with the build file that didn't copy the license and therefore it could not be displayed
28.07.2004 Groups now show miniicons in folder.
24.07.2004 Improved selection highlighting (borders) of Thumbnails.
24.07.2004 Tracked down the setUndavedChanges call to the add routine and stopped it there. This prevents JPO from telling you that there are unsaved changes after you opened a file.
06.07.2004 Fixed the problem with the Umlauts in the German Texts: SuSE9.1 defaults to UTF-8 which is basically a good thing but nedit can't handle this and messes up the characters in the source file. The resources file must only be edited with a UTF-8 aware editor.
04.07.2004 Stopped automatic call of the integrity checker whenever a xml was loaded. This drains resources and is annoying.
04.07.2004 Thumbnails can now be unselected by single clicking on a selected thumbnail
08.06.2004 Fixed a bug where changeing the Number of Thumbnails could cause an ArrayOutOfBounds exception
06.06.2004 Added jar file building and deployment to sourceforge options into the Ant build.xml file
06.06.2004 When a thumbnail was freshly created the thumbnail was loaded twice because of the notification
05.06.2004 When the user selected no Thumbnails on Disk this would cause a loop because of the notification that the thumbnail had changed
05.06.2004 Fixed a missing label on the delete all thumbnails button
31.05.2004 Added German resource bundle and ability to change user language
20.05.2004 Added ability attach categories to pictures and edit categories
13.05.2004 The collection datamodel now allows categories and the XmlReader and XmlWriter support this
11.05.2004 Indent and Outdent functionality added.
11.05.2004 When a picture is moved to a recent move target in the Picture Viewer the Picture Viewer advances to the next picture in the old group. This allows for easier sorting of collection in full screen mode.
11.05.2004 When a node is removed that a Picture Viewer is showing it tries to move to the next picture if there is one. If not it closes the window.
11.05.2004 When a node is removed that was next to a picture the PictureInfoEditor was showing this would wrongly close.
11.05.2004 When updating a description the unsaved attribute is now set on a collection
10.05.2004 Added Multiple select drag and drop
10.05.2004 Added Page display as per Joe Azure's suggestion
06.05.2004 Add from Camera now remembers the target directory properly. Even when cancel is pressed. This improves user friendlyness.
04.05.2004 Introduced Apache-Ant-way of building the application. Make now no longer works. Thanks to Csaba Nagy for gettimg me started.
22.03.2004 Find Dialog improved visually
22.03.2004 The user can now specify the background and text color when generating a web page.
22.03.2004 The info panel now shows the Thumbnail when an image is selected
22.03.2004 Added a check that verifies the checksums of your pictures to the Integrity Checker
18.03.2004 Added a Thumbnail preview to the Add File File Chooser
12.03.2004 Restructured the way the ThumbnailJScrollpane works and Thumbnails.
29.02.2004 Restructured the Find code and added date range searching
28.02.2004 Added an Info Panel underneath the JTree as recommended by Jochen Schaeuble
28.02.2004 Dropping a Group on another Group now brings a popup Menu
28.02.2004 Consolidate can now consolidate the Lowres directories too
28.02.2004 Adding pictures from the camera can now rely on the filename to determine if the picture is known
28.02.2004 Thumbnail queue requests are taken off queue when a new collection is initialised.
27.02.2004 Collection Properties now shows disk space used
27.02.2004 Redesigned the ThumbnailJScrollpane. Only maxThumbnailComponents on the panel. They can load and unload the images.
23.02.2004 Progress monitor for Consolidation
23.02.2004 Fixed a bug where a find with save would crash
23.02.2004 Move targets are now removed when the target node is removed, the collection is initialised or a new collection is loaded
20.02.2004 Picture Browser now has the standard picture popup menu
20.02.2004 Changed data model of main frame dimensions and picutre viewer dimensions to use a rectangle and different way of storing this in the ini file. Reading these values will not work from a previous version to the current one.
20.02.2004 IntegrityChecker window framework added
18.02.2004 The HTML generator now generates HTML with a Cascading Style Sheet
05.02.2004 The divider spot of the main window is properly saved and restored.
05.02.2004 Add from Camera introduced.
Dec. 2003 Reworked major parts of the code to separate model from view.
19.11.2003 If the filename contained an ampersand the XML file of the collection could not be read. Now introduced proper XML escaping on filenames and all other data fields too.
17.11.2003 The title of the Collection was not XML Special Character escaped which cause bad xml and hence load failures. Bug reported by Eugen
17.11.2003 Option write Thumbnails to disk was not saved.
16.10.2003 Drop of a node on itself should simply cancel the drop not present error. Enhancement for Eugen Keller.
Version 0.8.3
29.08.2003 Re-Release of 0.8.3 with source
24.08.2003 Added the ability to call up user defined programs
24.08.2003 Fixed a bug in the Collection Properties where groups were double counted
24.08.2003 Fixed a bug in the drag and drop of the JTree which would prevent groups and pictures dragged from the Thumbnail pane to work
19.08.2003 Fixed a bug where clicking forward on a small image in a slide show would not advance to the new image
19.08.2003 Fixed some bugs when adding pictures whilst having read protected directories in the selection
19.08.2003 Fixed a bug where Find could add the found results again
17.08.2003 Release of 0.8.3
01.08.2003 Added DHTML effects on HTML page generation
29.07.2003 Fixed an issue where rotate would fail; also fixed rotation logic.
29.07.2003 Fixed an issue where refresh would not refresh the tumbnail
30.06.2003 Redesigned Thread logic on Thumbnail Creation. Now queue based with independent Threads servicing the creation requests.
29.06.2003 Corrected filename retention on File|New, File|Save As
03.06.2003 Rotation of Thumbnail no longer looses color; now using TYPE_USHORT_565_RGB images
30.05.2003 UnsavedChanges are now tracked on the root node and not the JTree level
30.05.2003 Paste in table now handles wrap around when paste area is larger than source area
26.05.2003 Improved micro scroll amount for mousewheel in thumbnail pane
26.05.2003 Improved HTML export so supply width and height of images
23.05.2003 Introduced ability to sort groups
10.05.2003 Internal notification architecture introduced
10.05.2003 Faster rotation of thumbnails
Version 0.8.2
22.03.2003 Added ability to change descriptions in the Thumbnail Pane
22.03.2003 Responsiveness of Thumbnail pane improved by major redesign
20.03.2003 Added an option to the JFileChooser that adds only new pictures
20.03.2003 Modified the JFileChooser to have an extra panel for Options
20.03.2003 Fixed a bug whereby nested subdirectories were not added if the first directory didn't contrain any pictures
10.03.2003 Added menu entries to Picture Popup Menu for rotation. Added rotation in Background.
10.03.2003 Sorted the issue with the undesirable image format after rotation
05.03.2003 Added keyboard shortcuts to menu functions
02.03.2003 Added ability to rotate image upon load. (However, the color model changes and HTML exported images can't be read by browsers.)
02.03.2003 Moved the EXIF information display to the Picture Properties
22.02.2003 Fixed a bug where adding a single picture could be added to the ThumbnailJScrollpane several times. This was because a Tree Structure Change event and node selection event were coming in at the same time each firing off a layoutThumbnails thread. The selection event now checks to see if the selection changed before laying out anything and the killThread waits a little longer.
18.02.2003 Fixed a bug when laying out thumbnails where files were being opened but not closed which could stop all IO in the JVM.
18.02.2003 Fixed a bug when adding files where files were being opened but not closed which could stop all IO in the JVM.
18.02.2003 Added a progress GUI when adding files
12.02.2003 Selecting a group didn't bring up thumbnails in Web Start environment. Fixed.
19.01.2003 Sorted the odd behaviour when doing drag over on the Thumbnails
18.01.2003 Changes in the Tree were not detected by the Thumbnail pane. They now are the Thumbnails are refreshed. (Bobby)
18.01.2003 The Picture Info Editor fired a change event before any change was applied.
18.01.2003 Consolidation wasn't monitoring for failures
18.01.2003 If an image has a faulty URL the HtmlDistiller now uses the broken thumbnail icon
Version 0.8.1
15.01.2003 The JFileChooser in Copy to Target Directory was not behaving as specified
15.01.2003 The copy picture could overwrite a picture file in the target directory. Now a new name is given.
15.01.2003 Open Recent was't always getting files that were opened or saved fixed
15.01.2003 Recently used directories was not being updated correctly in all places
15.01.2003 Added a popup after save to confirm successful saving
Version 0.8
14.01.2003 Edit | Collection Properties | Protect collection from Edits is now saved with the collecton. Required DTD change.
14.01.2003 Upgraded to Drew Noakes' 2.1 version of the EXIF and IPTC extractor library
14.01.2003 Consolidate screen has Export instead of Consolidate in the button. Also fixed some comments.
14.01.2003 Inserts and deletes of nodes do not automatically move the selected node
11.01.2003 Group popup and Picture Popup Menus now respect the allow edits property
11.01.2003 Disabled Jar Extraction; It's not thought through and running the generated jar is too difficult
09.01.2003 Fixed a bug in the color validation on the Autoloader selection field.
09.01.2003 Added an error dialog when a file delete failed.
09.01.2003 Fixed a bug where the html export was generating a tag without right bracket
09.01.2003 Fixed a bug where the wrong folder icon was displayed in the tree
01.01.2003 Added Collection properties dialog
29.12.2002 Added Cut & Paste to Table editing
29.12.2002 Delete all Thumbnails Button added to Settings Dialog
28.12.2002 If nodes are removed for which a PictureEditor is open this is notified and closed.
28.12.2002 Thumbnails and Treenodes now have same popup menu
28.12.2002 Fixed logic issues with cache and concurrency
26.12.2002 Added File Delete and File Rename options
15.12.2002 Show on GroupPopup menu renamed to Slideshow and will now recursively search for the first picture
15.12.2002 Popup menu on groups in browser panel now takes effect on correct node
15.12.2002 Bug in search fixed: the correct node is mentioned
06.12.2002 Open Recent added
27.11.2002 Doubleclick on a picture node in the tree now opens the picture
26.11.2002 Fixed some problems with drag and drop on the root node
25.11.2002 Introduced a progress tracker on the Image Loading
24.11.2002 If Present the date in the Image (EXIF) is extracted and used when adding pictures
24.11.2002 Implemented Drew Noakes' 1.2 version of EXIF extractor
20.11.2002 Started transition to Java Web Start
19.11.2002 Reworked Add command. Multi select is possible and add single / add directory done away with
10.11.2002 Save As now prompts for file overwrite if target already exists
22.10.2002 Add single file, Add directory and Add file from flat file now only put the root of the filename into the description field
22.10.2002 Fixed Bug in WritableDirectoryChooser where a null parent was being checked for writability
20.10.2002 Added group as table editing ability
26.09.2002 Jpg writing quality can now be specified by HTML renderer
26.09.2002 Added Midres Format to HTML output
24.09.2002 Added Progress Indicator to Thumbnail Panel
23.09.2002 Added popup menu to thumbnails
23.09.2002 Added doubleclick on thumbnail opens viewer
17.09.2002 Converted most number fields to an extended class that validates for digits only
17.09.2002 Fixed bugs with the cache function and html export routines
15.09.2002 Fixed validation color setting bug in WritableDirectoryChooser and added component to SettingsDialog and HtmlDistillerJFrame classes
12.09.2002 Built WritableDirectoryChooser component
12.09.2002 Cleaned up SettingsDialog Box, added max picture size parameter for editing and picture window Size parameters
10.09.2002 Picture Viewer now has more sensible default size and reads location from ini
10.09.2002 Fixed concurrent access of cached images that have not yet been loaded
08.09.2002 Added validation for JVM version >= 1.4.0
08.09.2002 Introduced self-restarting if started without parameters
07.09.2002 Introduced ResourceBundle for translatable texts
06.09.2002 Fixed HTML generation which was doing silly things with filenames
05.09.2002 Fixed code for dealing with filenames with blanks in them
03.09.2002 Added color validation to SettingsDialog for logfile setup
03.09.2002 Added improved first use logic for logfile
01.09.2002 Added ability to drag thumbnails
01.09.2002 Re-Introduced Caching
Release 0.7
24.08.2002 Added reconcile function to Tools Menu
10.08.2002 Sorted out Drag and Drop on the JTree
01.08.2002 Reworked the logic behind maximising the fullscreen window (fullscreen, left only, right only etc.)
31.07.2002 Add single picture didn't format the URL correctly
31.07.2002 Added ability to consolidate all pictures of a group structure into the same directory
31.07.2002 Improved display handling of the node updates when adding a directory of pictures
Release 0.6
16.06.2002 Added ability to choose whether Window position and size should be saved on exit.
14.06.2002 Added Add Flatfile function.
21.04.2002 Added tickbox to Settings screen to allow thumbnail storing to be turned off.
21.04.2002 Improved initialisation of app in virgin environments (no ini file).
20.04.2002 Changed the clock icon to indicate if the Autoadvance is on of off.
20.04.2002 Added log file ability to app & fields on Settings dialog to set up.
13.04.2002 Added ini File validation for thumbnail directory.
12.04.2002 Changed logic in thumbnail creation to validate URLs before attempting to read and write to them, avoiding ugly and unnecessary errors.
05.04.2002 Changed "Edit Group Description" popup menu item to "Rename"
Release 0.5
15.3.2002 Fixed bug in add collection in that empty group was created if filechooser was closed
14.3.2002 Added logic to identify where the same filename was being used in JAR export and rename it
14.3.2002 Changed several dialogs to anchor themselves off the main application frame.
12.3.2002 Export to Jar received a progress monitor and the user can interrupt the export.
11.3.2002 Image Copy has improved validation, file extensions are preserved, filename of source is picked up correctly.
11.3.2002 Push directory names validation works properly.
Release 0.4
8.3.2002 Thumbnails now consider where they are stored and will create new filenames in the thumbnail directory if they are not from local filesystem
8.3.2002 Added jar export and jar autostart feature
5.3.2002 Fixed bug in thumbnail name assignment
3.3.2002 Added button to Picture Edit dialog to choose file
3.3.2002 Added button to Settings Dialog to choose directory of thumbnails
3.3.2002 Fixed bug where full screen image would not close
3.3.2002 Added export to flat file
Release 0.3
2.3.2002 Added Auto Timer functionality
28.2.2002 Added license dialog and started adding copyright tags to source
28.2.2002 Added functionality that when an image doesn't exist a thumbnail of a broken image is displayed
28.2.2002 The PictureInfoEditor shows the path of the image in red if the image is not found
28.2.2002 Removed the debugging info from the thumbnail creation class
28.2.2002 Thumbnail Path added to Settings & Settings dialog box
28.2.2002 Add single picture functionality coded
27.2.2002 Add from collection coded for group popup menu
27.2.2002 Add new group function coded for group popup menu
26.2.2002 File | Open menu item was linked to wrong command
26.2.2002 Out of Memory Problem tracked down to the way the -Xms and -Xmx commands were submitted
Release 0.2
23.2.2002 Picture Popup menu is now a separate group
23.2.2002 Main Menu is a separate group
23.2.2002 Move of functions from Fotoalbum class to Clever JTree class, encapsulating the methods and functions.
23.2.2002 The Picture pane no longer automatically opens when the row selection in the JTree moves to a picture.
Release 0.1
20.2.2002 First Release with core functionality

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